We provide customised end-to-end solutions, including service design and development, user research (both qualitative and quantitative), systems integration and solutions implementation.

MarketScape’s key practices include:

We employ state-of-the-art research methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative. In qualitative research, we conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups to uncover insights and meaning in factors influencing consumer choice and decision-making.

We also apply latest neuropsychology methods to tap into consumers’ intentions and thought processes through use of leading edge brain monitoring tools. These highly specialised research methods complement traditional techniques in understanding the unconscious intentions and emotional reactions to choices, concepts, advertising and brands.

We customise our research solutions to suit the client need and requirement. Our working style is highly flexible and agile, adapting rapidly to changing project dynamics. We deliver timely results and work to agreed timelines and budget with no compromise to exceptional quality and data integrity. Our holistic approach to market and customer understanding translates to higher profitability and offering maximum value to stakeholders.

In quantitative research, we employ sophisticated statistical analysis techniques to derive powerful insights. Some of the advanced statistical methods we use include regression analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis, structural equation modelling, conjoint analysis, and perceptual mapping.