MarketScape explores and measures the customer experience at each touch point through use of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Services are adapted according to the client need and brief.

We examine the customer journey to better understand a consumer’s path to a purchase, belief and/or new behavior. Our approach puts the consumer at the center of the process to understand their journeys from their point of view, rather than trying to fit them to a pre-conceived model. We do this by employing advanced psychological research techniques which aim at uncovering the subconscious and unconscious drivers of motivation and decision making.

In doing so, we help advertisers and agencies to identify which messages delivered through which media channels and at which times will have the strongest impact for a brand. For media owners, this research is very powerful in demonstrating the role of their properties in shaping consumer decision-making in any given category.

We map the customer experience to uncover ‘moments of truth’, ‘pain’ points, and opportunities to delight, to guide customer experience improvement. We then design optimal customer experiences which drive real change in customer behaviour, maximising business outcomes.