April 9, 2019 · Travel & Transport

Metlink is Melbourne’s overarching public transport authority. In partnership with Melbourne’s train, tram and bus operators, Metlink provides customers with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for information about services, fares and ticketing.Metlink’s Online Journey Planner is an integral online service offered to public transport current and potential users.

Requirement: Following the initial development of the Online Journey Planner, Metlink sought to test the website for usability and acceptance with a sample Victoria’s population and also to estimate potential demand for the online service

Key objectives: Improve the Online Journey Planner’s usability and functionality, explore the impact of the new site on the population’s perceptions of the public transport system and of Metlink as a brand, and increase uptake of the service among Victorians

Methodology: Two stage project: 1)  qualitative usability review of the Online Journey Planner, comparing the site with Sydney’s and London Online Journey Planners; and 2) quantitative survey to determine the potential demand for the online service and likely uptake over a period of time


  • As a result of the usability review of the site and the in-depth exploration of the workflow process, Metlink’s team was able to implement a simpler and easier to navigate process to plan a journey using Melbourne’s public transport system;
  • The quantitative survey provided Metlink with reliable estimates of the potential user demand for the Online Journey Planner, and a benchmark measurement of user needs to further refine the site and provide consumers with a best-in-class Online Journey Planner.

Note: this study was conducted by MarketScape consultants while being employed by another research firm