April 10, 2019 · Corporate

Mashblox is an innovative product, the world’s first self-feeding blocks for babies older than 6 months.  It helps reduce obesity and forming healthier food intake habits from early age.

The Business issue

Mashblox – a start-up Australian business wanted to develop its value proposition, test the product and understand its target market through consumer research.

Research objectives

  • Gain in-depth understanding of baby-feeding needs, practices and challenges
  • Explore motivations to self-feeding, incl. functional and emotional needs, enablers and barriers
  • Test the product, including associations, perceptions, value proposition and intention to purchase
  • Test the website, key communication and marketing messages, photos and videos
  • Test key communication channels

Research methodology

Conduct of qualitative research with parents of different age children and feeding habits.


The client was able to develop a marketing strategy, including a value proposition, marketing messages for its target markets. The product was launched successfully and it is enjoying high volume sales.

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