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Job Jumpstart – Department of Jobs & Small Business

April 26, 2019 · Government

Department of Jobs & Small Business embarked on the development of a digital service that motivates young people to find their first job and enter into employment. The service’s main aim was to provide tailored employment advice, provided in the context of holistic career planning, and alleviates the anxiety and frustration felt by young people when looking for a job and making decisions about their career.

The business issue

The Department required the development of a highly motivational digital service that helped young people find suitable employment. The service needed to provide self-help advice on employment planning that could improve labour market efficiency by helping young people to take the right kind of action to achieve both their personal career goals and stable employment. This service is also expected to contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate, particularly among 15 to 25 years old young people.

Research methodology

Marketscape conducted a series of qualitative workshops and in-depth interviews to uncover the deep psychological barriers and drivers of young people to start looking for a job, and test visual concepts of the digital service prototype. The research was conducted in three phases:

  • Phase 1:  Exploratory research to discover the deeply seated psychological barriers and drivers that could lead to helping young people start considering employment. This phase provided key insights into the development of the digital service’s information architecture, design and key content items.
  • Phase 2: Testing of digital service prototype with young people, including structure, visual design, brand, and key content.
  • Phase 3:  Usability testing of new digital service prior to its official launch. This testing was conducted with a sample of young people.

The outcome

The Department successfully launched the new digital service and subsequent research has indicated high levels of engagement and satisfaction with the service.

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