April 9, 2019 · Government

This online tool is designed to assist people with low digital literacy skills gain basic knowledge of the internet and learn how it can help them in their everyday lives. This project was commissioned by the Department of Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy.

The requirement: To design an accessible and usable online tool targeted at Australians who possess little or no knowledge of the internet and what it has to offer.

The methodology: The online tool was developed in five phases, through iterative testing and involvement of users at each phase, as follows:

  • User needs analysis and persona development
  • User expectations analysis, information architecture development, prototype development and user testing
  • Concept and visual design and brand development and user testing
  • Content development and user testing
  • Usability testing of pre-launch online tool

The outcome: The online tool was accepted exceptionally well by the department’s executive and also by the Minister’s office. The usability testing confirmed users’ high satisfaction with the tool and indicated positive intentions to use and recommend it. The tool is now publicly launched and has experienced high visitation rates and usage activity