Australian JobSearch (DEEWR)

April 9, 2019 · Government

Australian JobSearch  is a free online service offered by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to assist job seekers in finding suitable employment, and to connect employers with quality staff.

The Department invested in the complete re-development of Australian JobSearch.

Key objectives: To develop a new site which  is much more engaging, empowering, innovative and user-friendly than the current site, and includes relevant Web 2.0 applications and features.

Methodology: In four stages – 1) User needs analysis and expectations, business requirements gathering; 2) Information architecture (IA) development; 3) Prototype and visual design user testing; 4) Beta site usability & accessibility testing.

Outcomes: 1) Initial needs analysis provided in-depth insights into type of information users looked for, content presentation, key structural requirements and desired features and applications; 2) IA wireframes presented a simple, easy to navigate homepage, clearly distinguishing between the Department’s two key audiences, i.e. job seekers and employers; 3) The Department reported high stakeholder satisfaction with the new site and a higher uptake.


Note: this study was conducted by MarketScape consultants while being employed by another research firm