MarketScape helps clients to develop and launch new products and services and reposition existing brands. A key feature of our offer is the in-depth psychological understanding of the success factors behind brands and maximisation of the impact of marketing decisions.

We achieve that through development of a market-led strategy involving all relevant stakeholders – internal and external, to map the optimal marketing solution across brands and products.

Key services we offer for market and channel optimisation include:

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Analysis of customer needs, expectations and preferences
  • In-depth psychological understanding of the customer decision-making process and key drivers of consumer choice
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Brand health; Corporate Reputation, Image & Resilience measurement
  • Satisfaction and loyalty research and optimisation
  • Service and product design
  • Customer value proposition
  • Behavioural economics & behaviour change
  • Optimisation of product and service offerings through choice modelling and conjoint analysis
  • Forecasting and modelling – simulation
  • Market entry, demand estimation and feasibility analysis
  • Price elasticity, pricing strategy and pricing modelling
  • Economic impact analysis, economic contribution analysis, costing analysis, social impact analysis
  • Econometric and behavioural modelling
  • General equilibrium modelling and scenario analysis
  • Triple bottom line-based benefit-cost analysis
  • Multichannel retail optimisation.